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Dr. Marcus Wörwag

Managing Direktor

After receiving his PhD in Pharmacy from the University of Freiburg, Dr. Marcus Wörwag headed the Research & Development Department at WÖRWAG Pharma. He has been part of the company's Management Board since January 2001. Dr. Marcus Wörwag is Chairman of the Board of WÖRWAG Pharma.

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Monika Wörwag

Managing Director

An economist, Monika Wörwag studied in Stuttgart and Paris. She worked as pharmaceutical representative, product manager and independent marketing consultant before she became part of the WÖRWAG Pharma Management Board in August 2001.

Gerhard Mayer

Managing Director

The graduate economist served as CFO in an international, publically listed medical technology group for 17 years. As our Managing Director, Mr Mayer is responsible for the HR, IT, Supply Chain and Business and Development departments as well as managing Finances.