Compliance @ Wörwag Pharma


Compliance @ Wörwag Pharma means conforming to external and internal rules. These rules may be imposed from outside by law or regulations or be defined internally in the form of programs, processes and controls. Responsible, ethically correct and lawful action is as elementary for the success of Wörwag Pharma as is our customer orientation and the quality of our products.

Essential Guidelines of  behavior are described in our Code of Conduct. This is a binding document for all Wörwag Pharma employees to identify risks and thereby avoid legal offense:

Nicole Schmolke

Wörwag Pharma has created the position of a group compliance officer in order to anchor compliance rules in the group. This responsibility will be assumed by Nicole Schmolke (Director Human Resources)

In order to detect compliance risks and any potentially unlawful behavior as early as possible, Wörwag Pharma encourages its employees and business partners to report compliance breaches in confidence at


directly to the Group Compliance Officer. This might happen personalized as well as anonymous.