Partnering with Wörwag Pharma

Wörwag Pharma is a medium-sized family business with HQs in Böblingen and strong roots in Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia.

We are specialized in natural medicines, particularly vitamins, minerals, and trace elements as well as herbal ingredients. Our focus lies on products with sound scientific evidence for prevention and treatment of diabetic comorbidities, neurological diseases, for a healthy immune system, for strengthening of bones, muscles and joints as well as for women’s health.

With our own sales force of over 600 long-standing and highly qualified employees we visit doctors and pharmacists in more than 35 countries word-wide – mainly GPs, Neurologists, Endocrinologists, Rheumatologists, Internists, Cardiologists, and Gynecologists.

Our offer for a partner

  • Comprehensive expertise in medical science, marketing and sales of vitamins, minerals and trace elements for prevention and treatment of lifestyle diseases
  • Extensive and direct access to doctors and pharmacists in Germany, Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia, as well as selected markets in Latin America and Asia
  • Strong international network and trustworthy partnerships with KOLs
  • Individual tailoring and design of partnerships.

Why could a partnership with Wörwag Pharma be of interest for you?

  • Licensing/Sales: If you are looking for a strong partner for promoting and marketing your products, particularly in above listed therapeutic areas.
  • Acquisitions: If you are looking to take on board a long-term oriented family business as investor and strategic partner with sustainable values and strong growth track record.
  • Co-Development: If you would like to benefit from our in-depth expertise in developing and ethical marketing of natural medicines.

We are looking forward to starting a dialogue with you about a potential partnership!