Intense Research for Effective Therapy

Throughout the world, more and more people are being diagnosed with diabetes. Projections are assuming that by 2030, considerably more than 400 million people will suffer from this metabolic disease. The causes of diabetes mellitus are mainly being overweight, following a sedentary lifestyle, and eating the wrong food. They lead from insulin resistance to the lack of insulin and a higher blood sugar level. 

Research done by Wörwag Pharma concentrates on the consequences of the disease, such as diabetic nerve damage. The aim is to encourage findings in the field of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements.

Company founder Dr. Fritz Wörwag has developed the active ingredient benfotiamine further and it became a milestone in the therapy of diabetic comorbidities. With its high bioavailability, it significantly contributes to protect against vitamin B1 deficiency.  

International clinical studies, meetings of experts, and symposia, plus close collaboration with research labs: We invest in science and clinical research so we can develop the best possible medications for our patients.

Nagrada za istraživanje „Fritz Wörwag“

Nagrada za istraživanje „Fritz Wörwag“ dodeljuje se naučnicima i istraživačima koji rade na kliničkoj primeni biofaktora kao što je lečenje dijabetesa i na istraživanju tiaminskog metabolizma.

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Prof. Dan Ziegler
Nemački dijabetički centar Univerziteta u Dizeldorfu
2013Dr. Alin Stirban
Profilni institut za metabolička istraživanja, Nojs
Prof. Dr. Paul Thornalley
Univerzitet u Voriku, UK
1999Prof. Dr. med. Hans-Peter Hammes
Medicinski centar u Manhajmu
1996Prof. Dr. med. Hilmar Stracke

Medicinska klinika i poliklinika Univerziteta u Gisenu
1994Prof. Dr. Hans Konrad Biesalski
Univerzitet u Hoenhajmu
1991Prof. Dr. Roland Bitsch
Institut za nutritivne nauke Univerziteta u Jeni
1988Prof. Dr. Klaus-Henning Krause
Institut „Fridrih Bauer“, Minhen
2018Druga nagrada: Gđica Prof. Jaqueline A. Pettersen
Univerzitet u Severnoj Britanskoj Kolumbiji, Prince George (Kanada)
Nagrada za mladog istraživača: Gđica Chune Liu
Medicinski centar Univerziteta u Frajburgu
2009Prof. Dr. med. Vedat Schwenger
Medicinski centar Univerziteta u Hajdelbergu
2007Nagrada za mladog istraživača: Dr Nicole Schupp

Institut za farmakologiju i toksikologiju, Vircburg
Prof. Dr. Walter Zidek
Poliklinika Univerziteta u Minsteru

Prizes are awarded for work – including well-founded reviews – that make a significant scientific contribution and contain new experimental or clinical findings on the topic of "Biofactors for Neuroprotection". The prize is awarded on the basis of the decision of an independent jury. The objective of the science prize, which was established by the company founder Dr. Fritz Wörwag, is to support and promote researchers in the field of the clinical application of biofactors.